What is Zero Waste

In general, the Zero Waste philosophy is about minimizing, as much as possible, the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, incinerators, and the general waste stream by encouraging individuals to change lifestyle habits for more suitable, environmental, and sustainable alternatives. On a broader level, the Zero Waste Movement it is also geared towards creating systematic social changes; changes that redefine how we think of, use, and interact with every object we come in contact with throughout our daily lives.

Since the Industrial Revolution our relationship with ‘Stuff’ has changed. Where once everything was made by hand from biodegradable natural materials, today our things do not break down and are made in factories by machines out of materials that, more times than not, are toxic to our bodies, other beings, and our planet.

These non-biodegradable materials end up in a “Resource Graveyard”: dumps, landfills, and incinerators. Therefore, these non-biodegradable materials prevent a sustainable, closed-loop resource cycle from forming. Not to mention that this concentration of waste negatively affects the surrounding society and environment.

The hope of the Zero Waste Movement is to create lifestyles that are healthier and more natural, ethical, economical, efficient, and sustainable.

For me, that has meant going back to our roots and finding alternatives for everything that I need in life from more organic and sustainable sources. For me, being part of the Zero Waste Movement is an exercise in creativity. It also means a lot of composting and organic materials (the only ‘good type’ of waste products around)!

Due to the Zero Waste Movement, I now have a more meaningful and sustainable life-style that is as close to creating zero-waste as possible. As a worldwide community, we all need to become empowered to make a change so that we can ease the burden on those most affected by waste and be good stewards of the world for the generations to come.