Makeshift Shoe Rack

When you have limited money and resources, the best fixes often come from creative solutions! Currently my husband and I are living in a room that is really only made for one person. We have a lot of things taking up space (that we are going to need when we get our own place) but not a lot of storage space. We are fairly minimal with most of our things, although there is still room for improvement in some areas. For example, one area that we have a hard time downsizing is our shoes. The shoes that no longer served their purpose were donated a long time ago so everything we have left are shoes that we actually use (although I would still like to get down to only four or five pairs each at some point). One of the main issues that we were having in our tiny room was what to do with all our shoes. They kept ending up everywhere and no matter how nicely we tried to keep them lined up they always seemed to look very messy.



With our closet serving double duty as storage we are very limited in our options of where to put them.  Then the other day I was moving things around, once again trying to shift stuff so that it doesn’t look so cluttered, when I came up with an alternative. I had some small wooden pallets that I had used to decorate with at my wedding (that I plan on using more once we move) but that are really bulky and taking up a lot of space. I also unearthed some Mason jar cups in the kitchen things that I inherited last year. I decided to make the bulky pallets and currently-not-in-use cups serve a dual purpose by converting them into a temporary shoe rack. I stacked one pallet on top of another putting the four Mason jar cups in between to create a space just big enough to fit our shoes! It is not an ideal solution but with our limited space and our need for storage it has been pretty effective at helping us contain our shoes and make use of our things. Once we move, I look forward to having a proper shoe area and for these items to serve their original purposes!img_4642.jpg



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