Creative Fixes

Recently, while working on a different project, my husband broke the handle off of one of our handheld garden tools. The tool is a combination of a hoe on one side and a cultivator on the other. Some places refer to it as a cuttle fish hoe. Either way, it is a great tool in the garden and other than the broken handle, it is in excellent condition. I know that I can get a new, good-quality one for not a lot of money and easily dispose of the one he broke (recycle the metal top and compost the broken handle). However, we decided that it would be easy to make and reattach a new handle. I love when our creativity and resourcefulness allows us to fix something that would otherwise go to waste. Here’s how we did it:


Using a handsaw we cut off a section of a fairly straight branch that we found on the ground. In choosing this branch, we made sure that it was slightly thicker than the handle hole so that the head of the tool won’t wiggle or come flying off as we work. We want it to fit as snug as possible. After that we cut the branch down to a good size and decided which end would be the handle and which would hold the head of the tool. Next, I used the hoe side of the tool itself to scrape all the bark off of the branch until it was mostly smooth.


Using the handsaw and a pocket knife we whittled down the end of the branch, making four flat sides, until it almost fit into the head of the cuttle fish hoe. Using a hammer I drove it the rest of the way down and we will secure it with a small screw.

Now our cuttle fish hoe is fixed and ready for more work. And better yet we didn’t create any trash or have to pay for a new one!


On another note, here is a picture of the other project my husband was working on. We are getting into the rainy season and got tired of the amount of dirt and mud we kept trekking into our car. Therefore, my husband built these wooden “landing pads” where we can wipe our feet off before getting in!



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